Complete and total acceptance. Imagine that.

The peace and freedom that comes from true acceptance. That is what I receive from you, Brendon and it is priceless.

No more are my self-doubts issues that stop me from going to the gym; to put in the effort. I am free from that burden.

I just go and try every time only thinking about finishing well and knowing that I absolutely can; not how I look, how slow or weak I am or where I rank in the fitness world. It’s been life-changing.

I’ve been at it for over a year.

I am healthier, happier, committed, and blessed.

I love you, man!



Henry Ford once said "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right."

I fell into the latter category of "can't" until I came to Strong Tower CrossFit, and it has been life changing for me!

Brendon as a coach and as a human being is incredibly positive, motivational and inspiring.



You taught me more about myself and what I could achieve than any facility I’ve ever been to— it’s not only about exercise it’s about challenging yourself pushing yourself.

You taught me that it’s OK if I can’t do that right now.

It’s OK to feel unsure but I can tell you months later I’ve never been more strong more sure of myself than I am right now and I owe that to you Brendon.

I have grown in so many ways — you taught me so much these last few months —you taught me how to push myself you taught me it’s not only about being strong physically but mentally as well—thank you for that!

Thank You for making me a better me !!!