The Reverse Dieting Manual

After years of studying the female physiology i have compiled all the secrets to being able to lose up to 30lbs of body fat whilst eating more of the foods you love (YES including some gin and cake)

This manual will show you how I have taken hundreds of serial dieting women and allowed them more food whilst enjoying their social life and of course, achieving the body of their dreams


I teach you the SECRET to leaving the diets behind and eating on your own terms so you can start to enjoy your food again without worry.


 Learn how ALL of my clients turn their lives around in as little as 8 WEEKS!


Discover what foods you SHOULD eat in alignment with your menstrual cycle (if you have one) so you can burn through pounds of fat.


Learn why EVERYTHING your PT has you doing for nutrition is WRONG.


You will discover the Importance of CALORIES and MACROS and how to calculate your daily requirements so you can get leaner quickly and sustainably.