About Me


I became a personal trainer after spending 9 years in the British Army.

This seemed like natural progression i always liked keeping fit and it just fit right.

Within 6 months in the health and fitness industry i realised that i could train myself but i seriously needed to spend time on my self development and education if i was to achieve truly amazing things with all my clients.

From that point on i have invested a lot of time, money and resources into becoming the best coach i can be (i still invest even now!).

My personal training business was perfect!

My clients all got outstanding results, my self development was continuous and i loved every minute of it.

Stoic Performance and Operation Lean was born.

It was an opportunity for me to help more people, to really continue to make a difference outside of my relatively small circle.

2 years on and i have coached everyone from billionaire CEO's to single parents.

I feel blessed to have a career which allows to me to make such a difference, to so many people!

What are you waiting for?